5 Korean Dramas With The Most WTF Endings In The History of K-Dramas

1. Fashion King (2012)

The main character gets killed by a random guy in a suit. It’s assumed that the man was hired by the female character but it was very unclear and caused a lot of controversies when it first aired.

2. High Kick 2! (2009)

This is not a drama but a sitcom. The sitcom was very innocent and funny just like any other sitcom. All 126 episodes were innocent but on the last episode, the male and female lead die from a car accident. It caused a lot of controversy for being so abrupt.

3. Something Happened in Bali (2004)

All the main characters die. There’s a love triangle, one man kills both the male lead and female lead because he loves the female lead. Female lead reveals she really loves the assailant. Assailant commits suicide from the truth. The drama had no indication it was grim in nature until the very last end.

4. Lovers in Paris (2014)

Everything that happened in the drama is revealed to be false. It was all just a screenplay being acted out. This was revealed in the very last 15minutes of the drama and the drama had no indication of this at all until the very end. It caused a lot of controversy for being so edgy.

5. Iris (2009)

The male lead and female lead finally end up together. The male lead proposes to the female lead but is shortly killed by a sniper rifle.