Gugudan Sejeong Confirmed As Female Lead For School 2017

School 2017 has confirmed that Gugudan‘s Sejeong will play one of the female leads in the drama.

Earlier, it was reported that Sejeong would be joining the cast of School 2017 and now KBS has confirmed that she will indeed be joining.

Sejeong will play the role of Ra Eun Ho, a bright and cheerful girl who has a dream of being in a campus couple. Even though her class rank is terribly low, she gets admitted to a prestigious university thanks to her talent in creating webtoons. She intentionally acts as a bad student so she can travel between schools to find material for her webtoons.

The production team had nothing but praise for Sejeong when talking about how she would fit in her role.

“Sejeong’s unique leadership and bright personality fit very well with Ra Eun Ho’s character. The more I met Sejeong, the more I felt like I was seeing Ra Eun Ho from the script in reality.

We are looking forward to seeing her cheerful energy and acting abilities on School 2017.”

— School 2017 Staff

Kim Yoo Jung was also reported to be joining the cast for School 2017 but unfortunately, she ended up declining the offer to join after a series of long discussions. School 2017 will air in July following Fight, My Way.

Source: Sports Chosun and Sports Kyunghyang