JOO features as special guest at BTOB solo concert

JOO made a special guest appearance at BTOB‘s first solo concert to support her younger brother and member of BTOB, Jung Il Hoon.  She thanked her brother for her performance at their concert.

During the press conference before the concert, Jung Il Hoon mentioned, “I was really nervous while preparing for my solo performances. It was a big burden for me to sing and play piano at the same time. Please look forward to the special guest performance of our concert.”

On October 31st, BTOB held their first solo concert, Hello Melody, since their debut in 2012. The title of the concert aptly refers to being one with their fan club, The Melodies.

BTOB recently garnered attention for their rehearsal photos in preparing for the concert. Their hard work was transformed into success as the members showed 24 solo and group performances during the concert for full two hours, including Jung Il Hoon’s performances of “You’re My Angel” and Keyshia Cole’s “Love.”

In particular, the special guest performance by JOO was a heartwarming one as it showed the deep brother-sister friendship between JOO and Jung Il Hoon.

BTOB’s two-day concert will end November 1st at Olympic Park. Meanwhile, the year 2014 has been a busy one for this group as BTOB has recently announced that they will be making their Japanese debut in November. With this, they have opened their official fanclub Melody Japan.

Source: TV Report