Sung Soo Jin and Nam Young Joo releases emotional MV for duet track, “I’m Fine”

K-Pop Stars Season 2‘s Sung Soo Jin and K-Pop Stars Season 3‘s Nam Young Joo teamed up as they released an emotional music video for their duet track “I’m Fine” on July 3rd.

The music video, which stars TAHITI‘s Ari, focuses on the romantic relationship that she had with her previous boyfriend and the music video showcases her sad emotions while a projector revealed footage of her ex-boyfriend on a wall.

“I’m Fine” is a collaboration track between Sung Soo Jin and Nam Young Joo while the lyrics express how to overcome a breakup. Throughout the music video, the two sing, “I promised myself not to cry again, but at last, I cry again, I cry. I keep thinking of you.”

Meanwhile, in addition to releasing the music video for “I’m Fine,” the duo released the instrumental version of the track as well.