Sorn Officially Leaves CLC And Cube Entertainment After Terminating Her Contract

She will no longer be part of CLC.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Goes Out With Friends Kevin Woo And CLC’s Sorn In LA

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Former “Girls Planet 999” Contestant Fu Yaning Reveals The Truth Behind Her “Diss” Towards Kep1er’s Choi Yujin

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Netizens Discuss CLC Sorn’s “Insensitivity” Following Her Viral Video Of Skin Care Recommendations To “Squid Game” Characters

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CLC’s Sorn Opens Up About Needing A Break From Korea As A Foreign Idol

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CLC’s Sorn Calls On Fans To Stop Using Fu Yaning’s Diss To Yujin From “Girls Planet 999”

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CLC’s Sorn Uploads New “Produsorn” Video After Her YouTube Channel’s Content Was Erased

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Choi Yujin Personally Confirms CLC Has All But Disbanded

She made the announcement on broadcast.