Idols Done Dirty

Idols Done Dirty

12 Times That K-Pop Idols Had Little To NO Lines In Group Songs

Why does this ever happen?

How The “Tomboy” Concept Sabotaged A Girl Group’s Success

Global Icon pioneered the tomboy concept in K-Pop, but were they destined to fail because of it?

BTS’s Stylists Under Fire Again For Ill-Fitting Outfits During Recent Concert

Fans are concerned for their safety.

Fans Chronicle “Unfair” Treatment Of “Girls Planet 999” Contestant Huening Bahiyyih

They say she deserves better.

DAY6’s Jae Bares His Soul During Emotional Instagram Live—Fans Worried He’s Leaving JYPE, Here’s What Happened

He revealed what’s really been going on behind the scenes.

Mnet Under Fire For “Copying” TREASURE’s Slogan For The Upcoming “I-LAND 2” Series

“It’s their brand identity…”

Fans Call On Big Hit To #RespectJimin After Repeated Issues With BTS Jimin’s Lighting

The problem has been going on for months.

ITZY’s Stylist Receives Criticism For Dressing Yuna Too Provocatively Despite Her Being A Minor

They called the stylist out.

STAYC’s “Phone Ban” Is Still In Effect Despite Getting Their First Win, And Fans Are Not Happy

They still don’t have their cell phones, despite fans working hard to give them their first-ever win.

DAY6’s Jae Is Still Doing Everything On His Own Without JYP Entertainment’s Help

And this isn’t the first time Jae has spoken out against JYP.