K-Pop Mysteries

K-Pop Mysteries

HYBE’s Best-Kept Secret: The Mysterious Mind Behind BTS’s “WINGS” Story

Who are they?

Why Are All Of HYBE’s Lights On? Here’s A Theory That Checks Out

ARMY knows what’s up.

Have BTS Jin’s Shoulders Gotten Wider? Here’s His True Measurement

It solved another great mystery!

NCTzens Spent Months Looking For A Hoodie NCT’s Doyoung Wore And It Turned Out To Be A $25 Buy

He’s been seen in public wearing it over 4 times.

Here’s What The “Produce 101 Season 1” Vote Manipulation Victims Are Doing Now

Not everyone was able to become a successful idol after elimination…

We’ve Been Lied To! BTS’s RM Has To Be Over 6 Feet Tall, And Here’s Proof

Forget everything you think you know. 

The Mystery Behind J-Hope’s Spoiler During Jungkook’s Broadcast Is Finally Revealed, And It All Makes Sense Now

J-Hope even revealed why he did it!

Koreans Accused Narsha Of Photoshopping Her Picture, But She Came Back With Receipts

“Where in the world did you edit this that the pole became bent like that?”

AOA’s Hyejeong Uploads Selfie With Mystery Man Before Deleting It Quickly

She deleted them quickly.

BTS’s Jungkook Puts The Mystery To Rest And Confirms His Eyebrow Piercing Is Real

The reason he got it is SO Jungkook!