6 K-Pop Idols Who Love To Show Off Their Creative Side

Which of their styles do you like the most?

K-Pop idols are known for their incredible talent onstage, but for many of them, that’s just the start of it. Not only are these following idols musically gifted, they’re super talented when it comes to art as well! Take a look and check out all of their distinctive art styles.

1. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

Minhyuk loves taking his art off the traditional canvas and experimenting on various different ones, such as phone cases, clothes, bags and more!

| @go5rae/Instagram

He even hosts a Naver NOW radio show, VogueShipShow, in which he paints while talking with invited guests or fans over the phone!

| @go5rae/Instagram

2. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Mingyu is known for his distinct collage style that captivates the viewer.

His art is even going to be featured on the cover of SEVENTEEN’s self-produced magazine, GOING!

| Weverse Shop

3. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung dabbles more in the abstract genre, all of her doodles wispy and whimsical.

She even designed some of the group’s official merch!

4. WINNER’s Mino

One of Mino’s most iconic works is this caricature of Epik High from their “Born Hater” MV. Epik High’s Tablo even shared it on his Twitter, thanking Mino for the gift!

| @blobyblo/Twitter

He shares a lot of his art on his Instagram, @realllllmino, such as these three big paintings below!

“Hide <1>,<2>,<3>,” acrylic on canvas, by Mino. | @realllllmino/Instagram

5. Feeldog

Formerly of BIGSTAR and UNB, Feeldog creates art with underlying messages up to the audience to decipher.

| @fxxldoggssy/Instagram

He often holds art exhibitions to showcase his work and has an Instagram account dedicated to his art, @fxxl_art.

A piece advertizing his 3rd art exhibition, “WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT POSITIVE ?” | @fxxldoggssy/Instagram

6. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Seulgi’s art skills are seriously impressive. Her colourful palettes bring to life all of her pieces in a unique way!

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

You can check out more of her art here!

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram