Actor Park Hae Jin donated 100 million won to seniors living alone

Actor Park Hae Jin was recently revealed to have donated 100 million won to seniors living alone. This is not the first time Park Hae Jin donated to the needy and most likely not the last time.

His philanthropic endeavors started last year, when he restlessly supplied briquette to those in need, but the actor didn’t stop there.

This year Park Hae Jin donated the equivalent of 100 million won, or $94,047 USD, to seniors in South Korea who live alone without family. Additionally, he also made donations to the Sewol Ferry and Busan disasters, making himself a new rising star of philanthropy.

His donations aren’t limited to just South Korea either. Park Hae Jin was granted an award for celebrities performing social deeds in China for his never-ending donations and support. He’s receiving vast respect and adoration for not only achievements in entertainment, but also accomplishments as a humanitarian with a kind heart.

Source: Osen