Baek A Yeon challenges labelmate miss A’s debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl”

On a recent episode of JTBC‘s 100 People, 100 Songs (herein 100 Songs), Baek A Yeon was given the challenge to perform miss A‘s debut hit track “Bad Girl Good Girl.”

Aired on July 7th, one of her challenged songs was miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” with a male audience member kick starting her performance by singing first part of the lyrics for her.

With the first part given to her in order, the tough part and the mission finally began when the lyrics of the chorus were given to Baek A Yeon in a mixed order, making it up to her to sing it correctly in order to pass.

Revealing her versatile vocals to sing a group dance track, Baek A Yeon passes with flying colors and does justice to her labelmate’s track!

Both miss A and Baek A Yeon are currently signed under JYP Entertainment.