BLACKPINK Jennie’s Character In New HBO Series “The Idol” Is Reportedly Bisexual

We’re getting major sapphic vibes, too!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is rumored to portray a bisexual character in her acting debut in the new HBO series The Idol, created by The Weeknd, Reza Fahim, and Euphoria‘s Sam Levinson.

Jennie in “The Idol.” | HBO

Originally, BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) believed Jennie was appearing in a cameo role in the new spicy series from HBO.

‘The Idol’ is set set against the backdrop of the music industry, centers on a self-help guru and leader of a modern-day cult, who develops a complicated relationship with an up-and-coming pop idol.

— Variety

Jennie (left) and Lily-Rose Depp (right). | HBO

Yet, in the latest trailer for The Idol, Jennie, who is going by Jennie Ruby Jane, appears prominently in multiple scenes.


So, she is starring alongside Lily-Rose Depp, Troye Sivan, The Weeknd, and more.


Fans were pleasantly surprised to realize that Jennie’s role was way more than simply a cameo.

| HBO/YouTube

Some have speculated that Jennie is portraying an antagonist character, but there are also speculations that the character is bisexual.


It all began when American fashion and culture magazine, Flaunt, reported that Jennie would be portraying a secondary character who is bisexual. The article was released earlier in production but has resurfaced since the new trailer was released.

The trailer contains several clips that radiate “sapphic vibes,” but many netizens are concerned that it could simply be queerbaiting.

Queerbaiting is a commonly brought up controversial topic in media, especially K-Pop. For example, “fan service” is debatable, and EJ Music Entertainment‘s girl group QODES was under fire for its queer-coded” music video.

Queerbaiting is a marketing technique for fiction and entertainment in which creators hint at, but then do not actually depict, same-sex romance or other LGBT representation.

— Wikipedia

But most are hoping that Jennie’s character is bisexual as it would be awesome for an idol to provide representation.

And based on the clips, it looks promising.

So, BLINKs’ response so far has been incredibly positive and supportive.

Knowing the creators of The Idol do not shy away from content, and their track record of LGBTQIA+ representation in previous series, the rumors surrounding Jennie’s character seem valid.

Hunter Schafer (left) and Zendaya (right) in “Euphoria.” | HBO

Besides, BLACKPINK has always been open allies to the LGBTQIA+ community. So, we wouldn’t be surprised by the news!

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Watch the latest trailer for The Idol below.

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