BLACKPINK’s Lisa Had The Sweetest Way To Show Fans That She Listens To Their Feedback On YouTube

She knows your comments.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa took fans through the preparation stage of Paris Fashion Week in her latest Lilifilm Official YouTube video.


As the ambassador of luxury brands BVLGARI and CELINE, she had a packed schedule filled with launches, photoshoots, networking, and more. Still, she made time to film a new video of herself for the sake of her fans.

The vlog opened with Lisa’s first day in Paris prior to the unveiling of the Bulgari Eden The Garden of Wonders high jewelry collection. She was in a hotel room with stylist Ena fixing her makeup.

The fact that this was not Ena’s first time appearing in LILI’s FILM was brought up. She recalled, “We were on the Disneyland vlog before, too,” referring to the “Europe Vlog” released in April of this year.

Lisa revealed that she reads the comments fans make on her YouTube content. The ones that stood out to her in the latest release were all related to its length.

BLINKs said that the vlog was too short. They were like, ‘Why is this so short? Lisa, this isn’t a vlog!’

— Lisa

The “Europe Vlog” was only 3:54 minutes long. In response, Lisa made a conscious effort to film more of herself to make the Paris video longer, and it ended being a more satisfying 5:10 minutes.

She apologized for not being able to give BLINKs a longer vlog but assured them that she was doing her best considering her grueling schedule.

Although I’m not fully ready just yet, I wanted to film a video so that BLINKs can see me for a long time.

— Lisa

As such, even if there were awkward silences in between scenes, it was still worth filming for the sake of BLINKs.

Don’t edit [the silence] out. Being quiet can be fun sometimes.

— Lisa

Check out the full video below to learn more about Lisa’s Paris experience.


Source: YouTube