Controversy Erupts On Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” Over MBITIOUS Member Kim Jung Woo’s Alleged Exit From The Show After He States He Was Forced

“This needs to go viral. This is straight-up manipulation.”

Controversy has plagued Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter ever since the show was first announced.

Poster for Street Man Fighter | Mnet

First, there were controversies over the contestants who participated in the “popping-gate” controversy, where many dancers criticized Street Woman Fighter standout Monika for the use of the word “poppin,” which many netizens felt was unnecessary and bordered bullying.

Monika using the term “poppin” | JTBC

Then there was controversy over the idol judges, Wooyoung, Eunhyuk, and BoA, and their qualifications to judge world-renowned dancers. In all, the show’s many controversies have left audiences exasperated.

From left: Wooyoung, Boa, and Eunhyuk | Mnet

Unfortunately for the show, it has once again found itself at the center of ire from audiences. The latest controversy is surrounding the sudden exit of MBITIOUS crew’s Kim Jung Woo.

Kim Jung Woo | kimjungwoo_kim

In the show’s September 13 episode, MBITIOUS crew’s “Rookie” dancer Kim Jung Woo faced off against WDBZ’s Camel in a battle where the loser was named the round’s worst dancer.

Kim Jung Woo lost the dance-off to Camel soundedly.

The show then depicts Kim Jung Woo languishing over his inexperience before sitting down with his members and hints at his desire to leave the show.

During the previous mission, I wasn’t able to help the team due to my skills. On the next mission, I would like to root for you on the side and take some time to reflect.

— Kim Jung Woo

MBITIOUS member Wootae consoles the dancer, saying his skills were never in doubt before relenting to Kim Jung Woo’s desire to take some time off.

No one thinks less of your skills as a dancer, so don’t use the time to dwell on that. Instead, use the time for yourself.

— Wootae

After the episode aired, many were caught off guard at Kim Jung Woo’s sudden exit. The surprise then turned into confusion when after the episode, Kim Jung Woo uploaded a now-deleted Instagram post where he hints that his exit may have been forced.

All of you guys know that I’m not the type to quit easily. That interview was forced.

— Kim Jung Woo

Netizens responded to the confusion in an online post that has since garnered over 240K views, with many expressing feeling betrayed by the show.

  • “To be honest, it was Mnet who picked Jung Woo. For those who didn’t watch Be Ambitious, Jung Woo was the show’s version of Kim So Hye from Produce 101, someone who lacks in skills but worked hard. He worked hard, so he was picked by Mnet, and now they want him to leave. How shameless is that?”
  • “Mnet wasn’t happy with how well Street Woman Fighter contestants have done for themselves after the show. Seeing how they are the ones who shot commercials and are the ones making money, Mnet created MBITIOUS to manage them through CJ. Therefore, they need to make MBITIOUS successful at all costs. That is why they are kicking him out after realizing he may be a thorn in their plans. They are so cruel. Although I don’t think it is the show’s production team, it’s the higher-ups who crafted this plan.”
  • “This needs to go viral, but so many people don’t know about it.”
  • “Even though I know this show is scripted, I feel betrayed every time I watch it.”
  • “Wow, I think every Mnet show is manipulated. How can you ever trust Mnet?”
  • “Ejo also liked the post. Seriously what is going on? But do you think he will be alright after this? He’s not going to get sued, is he?
  • “This needs to go viral. This is straight-up manipulation.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann