FIESTAR’s Cao Lu to debut in China

Cao Lu, FIESTAR’s Chinese member, is set to make her debut in China. It has been confirmed that Cao Lu will star in a popular Chinese beauty show airing on Hunan TV.

According to FIESTAR’s agency, Collabodadi:

“Cao Lu will appear on the Chinese beauty and entertainment program ‘越淘越开心’ (Wie Tao Wie Kai Shin).” 

This popular beauty show premiered in April of 2010 achieving the #1 view rate in China. Famous celebrities and stylists are often invited to guest star on the program.

The episode starring Cao Lu has already begun filming in Seoul, shooting at locations such as Myeong Dong, Hong Dae, Apkujung, and many other fashion venues in Korea. For the episode, Cao Lu worked together with designer Choi Beom Suk along with other famous stylists and make-up artists from China. The mission of the episode was “How to transform into a Hallyu drama’s female character.”

Don’t miss the episode with Cao Lu that will air on November 5th.

Source: Herald Pop