SECHSKIES’ Sunghoon Speculated To Leave Group After Unfollowing Members And YG

He was also absent on the group’s 2019 Season’s Greetings.

SECHSKIESKang Sunghoon was speculated to be leaving the group after Eun Jiwon, Jang Suwon, and Kim Jaeduck uploaded photos from their 2019 Season’s Greetings.


However, in the photos, there were only four members.


It appeared that Kang Sunghoon skipped out on the photoshoot due to his indefinite hiatus.


However, rumors of him leaving the group became more of an issue when fans noticed that Kang Sunghoon unfollowed his members’ account on Instagram, as well as Yang Hyun Suk‘s.


Eun Jiwon and Jang Suwon still follow Kang Sunghoon’s Instagram, while Kim Jaeduck follows no one. Lee Jaejin does not own an Instagram account.


Kang Sunghoon has been on an indefinite hiatus from group promotions due to his recent string of scandals, involving a cancelled fan meeting that scammed fans and charges regarding him breaking and entering an ex-manager’s apartment.


YG Entertainment remains silent regarding Kang Sunghoon’s absence from the Season’s Greetings and the rumors regarding his departure.

Source: MyDaily