Filipina Actress Sue Ramirez Reveals Her Bias In BTS

“I love him so much!”

Filipina actress, model, and singer Sue Ramirez (also known as Sue Dodd) is definitely an ARMY! She has now also revealed her BTS bias in a new interview.

Sue Ramirez | @sueannadoodles/Twitter

YouTuber, influencer, and fashion designer Mimiyuuuh (also known as Mimi) interviewed her for a recent video. They also played a game called “I would like him as an oppa,” in this case, meaning “boyfriend.”

She reacted to a variety of Korean celebrities from K-Drama actors Lee Min HoSong Joong Ji, Kim Seon Ho, Park Seo Joon, Ji Chang Wook, Hyun Bin, to idols, such as EXO‘s Kai, BIG BANG‘s G-Dragon, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, NCT‘s Lucas and Taeyong, and GOT7‘s Jackson Wang.

| mimiyuuuh/YouTube

She was also asked about BTS’s Jimin, and at the mention of his name, she screamed and called for someone to throw her BT21 CHIMMY plushie, proving herself to be a fan. She couldn’t have been more relatable as she freely fangirled over her bias.

I will cry for real. I love him so much. …He’s super good at dancing. He’s a classical dancer, so he does ballet. He’s so, so amazing for real. Oh my God! I cannot!

— Sue Ramirez

| mimiyuuuh/YouTube & @JiminGlobal/Twitter

Mimi confessed that they hadn’t done any research or anything to know that Sue was a fan. However, realizing Sue’s love for Jimin, she provoked her with a hard-hitting question: “Your boyfriend or Jimin?” Sue teasingly asked if she could choose both!

| mimiyuuuh/YouTube & @JiminGlobal/Twitter

Sue was also asked about another BTS member, maknae Jungkook. She said that while she loves all of them and they are all talented, she believes Jungkook is extra special. He is the “Golden Maknae,” after all.

He is the most talented among them. They are all talented, but Jungkook is different.

— Sue Ramirez

| mimiyuuuh/YouTube

You can watch the full interview below:

Source: @JiminGlobal, Image (1) and (2) and mimiyuuuh