Sunmi Fires Back Again At Haters Claiming She Got A Boob Job

She dealt with the haters once again.

Sunmi has fired back at the haters online who continue to believe that she got a boob job.

In the evening of December 18, Sunmi posted a screenshot to her Instagram Story of her name in the Naver search portal, with the first suggested search result being “Sunmi boob job”. She left her response on the bottom of the post.

I didn’t get a boob jobbbb.

I just gained weightttttt.


— Sunmi

Recently, several online communities were sharing videos and pictures of Sunmi’s more recent performances, and the conversation deviated into whether or not she had a boob job done, as they believed her breasts looked larger than her previous promotions.

Just 3 months ago, Sunmi posted a Tweet denying she got any procedure done on her breasts.

While Sunmi has continuous stated she has not had any procedures done, some malicious netizens continue to spread rumors that she did, forcing Sunmi to speak out once again.