Netizens Are In Awe Of Suzy’s Bare No-Makeup Face

Try not to watch it on repeat.

Suzy‘s agency, Management SOOP just shared a behind-the-scenes video sharing what the actress has been up to lately.

In the video, Suzy greeted,

Hi. I’m in the middle of filming a movie.

— Suzy

But what particularly stood out to fans about the video was the closeup shots of Suzy’s bare face.

She was wearing little to no makeup in the footage which allowed her to show off her baby skin and flawless beauty.

It’s nothing new for Suzy’s beauty to be a show-stopper, she did it again without even trying.

Although the update was short, it was enough to have fans raving about her natural beauty.

Some of the comments include “I knew she was pretty, but who knew she was this pretty with no makeup on?“, “Her face is crazy“, and “She’s so pretty that I keep watching it over and over“.

Check out the full clip below:

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🎁돌아온 #숮-log🎁 #내물건이너의집에남아있다면헤어진게아니다 현장입니다 🙂 내일 오후 7시, #숲포일러 를 통해 확인하세요😉 – 🎁#suzy -log is back🎁 It's the shooting site of the movie #ifmyitemremainsinyourhousewearenotseparatedyet 🙂 Tomorrow at 7 p.m., check on the #Soopoiler 😉 . . . . #광고현장 #수지 #랑콤 #lancome #매니지먼트숲 #숲스타그램 #managementsoop #soopstagram

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