T-ARA’s Hyomin has found a way to ward off negative comments

In light of T-ARA’s comeback, Hyomin has found a strategy to ward off negative comments towards the group. 

Hyomin returned with T-ARA this month with the release of their twelfth mini-album, Remember. To celebrate their comeback, the group held a showcase where they discussed the positive comments and chart rankings received for their latest release.

According to Hyomin, she has been monitoring comments for their latest release and stated, “I screenshot if there is any good information on the comments page and share it.” 

Meanwhile, T-ARA returned with a more mature and feminine charm for this album release. The title track, “TIAMO” aims to capture their listener through their honest lyrics and choreography.

This will their first release since So Good back in August 2015.


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오늘 쇼케이스 와줘서 정말 고마워요..! 추운데 따뜻하게 입구. 내일 봐요! 세시 반 기상이니 이제 자야겠징? 모두 굿나잇?

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Source: Herald