Korean Actress Under Fire For Violating A Historical Statue In Italy

Actress Seo Yoo Jung was under fire for “violating” a statue in Italy that’s marked as a cultural heritage.

Seo Yoo Jung posted a picture of herself sitting on top of a historical lion statue during her trip to Italy.

“I hopped on bravely not knowing what would happen to me a second later.

I got in trouble… do I look nervous?”

— Seo Yoo Jung’s caption

Netizens harshly criticized for her thoughtless action and for taking the matter too lightly in her captions.

[+4,586, -13] This is something to be embarrassed of. What was she so proud of to upload a picture of it?

[+3,896, -17] The people around her are looking  at her like ‘who is this fool?’

[+3,330, -14] As if this is anything to be proud of~~ sigh

[+297, -0] She must think this isn’t a big deal seeing as how she felt the need to share it but please, learn that this is embarrassing. You’re embarrassing our country.

[+279, -4] The faces of the people around her… Why would you even upload that?

— Netizens’ comments on Korean community site

Some netizens felt secondhand embarrassment when they saw the facial expressions of the locals in her photos.

Soon after the uproar, she released an apology letter for her actions and deleted the photos.

Hello, this is Seo Yoo Jung.

First, I was careless about the photo I posted on Instagram.

I should have been more respectful, and I am reflecting on my rash actions.

I will deeply reflect upon the words of the people who have pointed out my wrong-doing.

And I will do my utmost to prevent from something like this happening again.”

— Seo Yoo Jung

But when hate comments continued to pour in, she changed the privacy setting of her Instagram account.

Seo Yoo Joung is most known for starring in soap dramas, such as The Unusual Family and more.

She and her agency have remained quiet about the incident since her apology letter.

Source: Segye