BTS’s Golden Maknae Revealed A New Hidden Talent At 2018 MAMA

Is there anything Jungkook can’t do?

Jungkook, BTS‘s multi-talented “Golden Maknae”, has once again lived up to his nickname by revealing a brand new skill.


At 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice In Japan, BTS put on an incredible performance of their remixed megahits, “FAKE LOVE” and “Anpanman”.


Although there were no shortage of amazing moments during their performances, one has left ARMYs particularly ‘Jungshook’.


During BTS’s intro performance, the members showed off complex formations and astonishing moves on a dimly lit stage.


Midway through, Jungkook surprised fans by gracefully landing in a full front split!


Up until now, most ARMYs had no idea Jungkook had this hidden skill.


He has attempted to do the splits on stage at least once in the past, but this could be the first time he has ever done a successful full split during a show.


Now, ARMYs can’t stop raving about Jungkook’s impressive moves.


It’s true what they say; there’s nothing the Golden Maknae can’t do!


To see BTS’s intro performance, check out this video.