How To Learn Korean From BTS’s Jin Explained By A Korean Teacher

Learning Korean through BTS dad jokes? Sign us up!

YouTuber Korean Unnie does a little bit of everything on her channel, from interviewing K-Pop artists to teaching Korean. She even did a lesson on how to play rock-paper-scissors in Korea!

Inspired by ARMYs, she put together a short lesson on how to learn Korean using BTS Jin‘s dad jokes! 😊 In a previous video she uploaded about dad jokes, she noticed a trend in her comment section, with many of her viewers referencing Jin!

Searching for dad jokes by Jin, she was surprised by how many results she came across in the Korean portal.

So, she decided to tell jokes Jin previously made in order to help others learn Korean! The first up is this one:

For viewers (or readers) who aren’t high-level Korean, she breaks it down with an explanation:

Do you know the answer…?

It’s… woohaha!

I know that this is the first joke of the series but this is pretty high level because you need to have the background knowledge of the Chinese characters in Korea.

—Korean Unnie


She explains Chinese characters in Korea, as well as the pun at hand.

In order to fully appreciate the beauty of Jin’s dad jokes and the thoughtful lesson Korean Unnie provided, you’ll have to watch the video below: