TXT Reveal Their Biggest Fears, And It Got Real—Fast

Yeonjun and Soobin hadn’t expected the sudden turn of events.

TXT‘s round of thirty questions in three minutes with BuzzFeed caused much laughter from their quick-witted answers. One of them was Taehyun‘s response to what they feared most, which left the members hilariously puzzled by how quickly it escalated.

Soobin and Taehyun.

As soon as Hueningkai read the question about their “biggest fear,” Taehyun was already prepared with an answer. With a completely blank face, Taehyun immediately answered, “Death.

It was so unexpected that Yeonjun said, “Oh my god,” with the funniest look of shock. Soobin was just as surprised, his mouth hanging open. Hueningkai wasn’t phased, saying, “Of course. I agree with that.

To save the mood from getting too deep and thought-provoking, Soobin switched gears by sharing his fear of ghosts.

Fans can always depend on Taehyun to be honest—and effortlessly funny along the way.

See Taehyun take his members by surprise and amuse them with his straightforward response.